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fineline tattoo, how?

Here at Jessie M, we design SO many fineline tattoo for lovely customers from all over the world.

Originally, I posted an image on Instagram years ago of the word 'happiness' (see here) which attracted a reasonable amount of attention - for my instagram account and standards anyway! But a few months after I found it on Pinterest, which had been circulating a far amount.. 20k re pins! I was over the moon, but also grateful to my past immature instagram self for actually posting it with my tag @jessiemdesign.

I began to get requests from many potential customers asking for personalised words in this 'font' (my handwriting) and so there began my fineline tattoo line of business.


After you have been in contact with me and told me the word and/or phrase you'd like in this font, I can give you a quote (the quote is totally bespoke to each client, dependant on the length of the piece). If you choose to go ahead, we then discuss your timeline and if you've booked an appointment with your tattoo artist.

I highly recommend doing your research into a well respected tattoo artist, for many reasons, but the main one being your health. Another being.. fineline tattoos are a specialist art. The finer the line you want, you'll most likely need to be patient and wait your turn with an artist with a long waiting list! It's worth the wait. Believe me.

Once we have decided on your preferred date, I hand draw the word/phrase around 20 times, trying different techniques of using the pen, and alternating the spacing and flicks etc.

Then the process get technical.. I won't be sharing how I do this part - sorry! It's taken me years and years of practice to get to where I am with this service, this is what you pay me for!


Some ideas for you to think about if you'd like a fineline tattoo designed:

  • a family saying

  • son/daughters name

  • husband/wife initials

  • a meaningful quote

  • personal word eg. 'seven' meaning 7 members of the family

  • or simply because you like it!

If you're thinking of getting a fineline tattoo, I'd LOVE to do this for you. I quote based on the length of word and/or quote, so every quote is bespoke to the customer including my base rate. Email me at

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